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Watercolours video lessons ~ Set 6


This is the sixth set of ten watercolour lessons.

At present, I do not have any more sets of Watercolours lessons to offer

If demand goes up I will make some more

Meanwhile, you may be interested in one off workshops. Please see my website for details. 

Or if you fancy a go at watercolours I have lots sets of lessons on offer!


The videos are not filmed live, but edited and sent by a video link. 

Therefore, you can do the lessons at your leisure and whenever you want to fit them in

You can watch them as many times as you like and you can pause them

There are also subtitles for those who are hard of hearing (like me!)

My classes are all designed for all abilities. I am a qualified teacher and challenge all my students at their own level

I cover a wide range of subjects and techniques. Most of my lessons include drawing skills as well.  

I offer critiques for each lesson…so you can just send a photo of your work by email and any questions and I will help you.

No. of classes: 10
Total Cost: £90.00
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